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In premiera „Tara Gurmanzilor”


We know that Internet is a vast resource of people information, art, multimedia…well, is a place where can find extraordinary things. As I said in my previous posts, I liked art, photos, multimedia, design, architecture…and this time while I was (of course) searching for new stuff to announce here, I found an interesting website with creative landscape pictures where the scenario is made of food, yes, it’s true! Carl Warner is the author of these amazing pictures called “Foodscapes”. If you look with attention you can see that the trees are made of broccolis, walls made of rice, mountains made of bread, hot balloons made of apples, strawberries, bananas, well, these pictures are fantastic!

Check out more pictures after the jump.






Click here to check out more “Foodscapes” to official website, select the orange box and second folder,( the site requires Flash 6 or above).

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